...me & Johnny....

February 28, 2007, 6:03 pm

I'm working on being as many places as Johnny Cash has been in his song..."I've Been Everywhere"! I'm loving it all. So far Palm Springs, Lake Havasu City, now Sedona....

Rving is more fun than I ever dreamed and "I've Only Just Begun".

The first week in May I will be at the New Orleans Jazz Festival. Another dream about to come true. A couple of friends may join me there and perhaps my nephew. I originally named my RV - "Phoebe". She now has a full name. "Phoebe McGee" I'm writing a song called....you guessed it....Me and Phoebe McGee....wish I could sing it!

til next time....gypsy mama signing off

...from Memphis to Michigan...

June 11, 2007, 11:30 pm

From Memphis to Michigan.....

When last you heard from me, my A/C needed repair.  I'll shorten the tale as much as possible.  Couldn't get it repaired in Memphis, St. Louis, Nashville, Louisville.....so continued on to Michigan...lived there for years so know many people.  

The repair took 2 weeks.  Since my RV is my home, TaZzi and I needed a place to stay while it was in the shop.  We stayed in Ann Arbor with my (was-band) & his wonderful wife.  Arrived on May 23rd (my birthday).  Got to see my extended family.  Also have seen most of my many relatives in the area and many grade school and high school friends.  Have eaten enough for a life-time.

For the last 4 days I've been staying with my best friend since 9th grade.....I've known her for 51 years.  Her husband is the sheriff of Genesee County....they live in Flushing....near Flint.  Bob is running again for sheriff,  so we've been busy campaigning and doing lots of social stuff, meeting wonderful people, eating great food. 

Today we went to Frankenmuth.... "Michigan's Little Bavaria".  It's an enchanting little town founded by German-Lutheran missionaries.  The 4,900 residents take great pride in preserving the German heritage. 

Frankenmuth is famous for good food and Bronner's Christmas Wonderland (the building is the size of 5-1/2 football fields.)  Horsedrawn carriage rides and riverboat cruises are also available.  It is also the home to a number of music, art and folk festivals.

I'll be leaving Michigan around the 21st probably going through Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, Nebraska, then Colorado for a couple weeks with friends at Taylor Lake.....then ..... who knows!!!

My plans for now....subject to change 

Still loving this life style....more and more all the time.

see ya down the road!!!!!!! 

gypsy mama ~ Patty