Goats on the Roof and other fun stuff

August 2, 2010

Old Country Market~Coombs, Vancouver Island

The questions....In 1973, "What if we started a fruit stand beside the highway?"  One year later, "What if we sold hamburgers to travelers en route to the west coast?"  Two years after that, "What if we built a market?"  A market was indeed built and that's how this story began.  And later the question was "What if we put goats on the roof?"

Of course, we had fudge~yum~

...and there you have it....Goats on the Roof

Vancouver Island~Chemainus Gallery of Murals

August 1, 2010

A description of Chemainus (just one of the sights Althea and I visited on our Vancouver Island get-a-way)~~~~~~ Protected by the ocean and mountains Made world famous by our outdoor gallery of murals Made world famous by sinking a Boeing 737 for scuba divers Yet so quaint and quiet you will not want to leave.  Enlightened by our culturally rich history.  Enchanted by our beauty and warmth.  Enthralled by our superb live theatre.  Delighted by our diverse dining options.  Invigorated by our variety of recreational options There is something for everyone.  I borrowed from the Internet, of course.  The writer did not lie.

Althea, of course, had been to Chemainus before.  She told me I would love it and I did.  A most imaginative town, I learned that it had a strong will to survive.  After the announcement in 1982 that the major employer in this one industry town, the mill was going to close the coastal community of Chemainus got busy.
Without waiting to hear if the mill would reopen, residents rallied to hold on to the roots they had established here. They beautified the central core. But more was to come. With the remarkable energy and creative vision of resident and businessman Karl Schutz a group of volunteers, and the committed support of the then mayor Graham Bruce and the municipal council, the Festival of Murals Society was born. The downtown was revitalized and introduced to outdoor art gallery of murals. The first town to do this and indeed Chemainus became an example to the world as to how grow tourism via the art of murals. From just five wall murals and lots of spirit in the summer of 1981, Chemainus has struggled, grown and succeeded in literally putting itself on the map.

I can think of some other towns that could use this kind of creativity.  Now onto see some Goats on a Roof.  Althea is a good tour guide.

Vancouver Island in Pictures~Day 1 & 2

July 30, 2010

Althea and I stole away from Powell River and Brian and TaZzi for three days.  We drove the side kick, and of course took many ferries to Vancouver Island   I had been to Victoria years ago for just a short time.  The Island is so much more than Victoria.  Our first stop was to see friends we know in Baja and as you can see from their faces...it was a surprise to them that we were there.  Jim is a builder and they were putting on the final touches for their new home   Love that yellow!.  We only wanted to stop with our greetings since we were right in their area.  It's a lovely property. 

Jim and Leah
Our next stop was in Victoria to see Althea's 97 year mother.  We had a nice long chat with her and I bought some of her note cards that she still creatively makes and sells.  What a together woman and she still is so sharp. 
After we left her, we met up with Althea's brother and sister-in-law (no pictures) at a local pub.  We then took a short drive to their beautiful home.  It was so nice to meet so much of Althea's family.

yep, they look alike!
 Well rested, after spending the night at a hotel in Victoria, we had breakfast in the lobby of the hotel.  A bit more than a Continental breakfast; I'd say, and it was quite satisfying.  Another ferry later, we arrived at our good friends home, Barb and Jim on Salt Springs Island.  We also met them in Mexico.  They are the best hosts and their home is not only lovely and large, but very happily lived in.
Enter Barb and Jim's property

The grands were visiting and they greeted us.

Althea and Jim

My perfect cup of latte .... brewed by Barb and  better than Starbucks!

Barb at her latte magic maker....

Barb flipping those bison burgers and dogs.

Pat & Barb

Like every fun party, we ended with song and piano playing.
Chop Stix!