'drinkin from the saucer cuz my cup has overflowed'

written sometime in August 07....

I'm Drinkin from the Saucer cuz my Cup has Overflowed!

I think the title of my blog is a song title .... I recently heard it on the radio and it feels quite apropros at this time in my life.

I'm in Calgary now;

having just left Canada's National treasures...the national parks of....Banff, Jasper, Kootenay, Yoho...the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks World Heritage Site encompasses 20 585 kilometers-one of the largest protected areas in the world.

I was going to stay an extra day but ''''how much discovery and beauty can a person take!'''' Also it's pretty expensive!

Prior to coming to Canada, I spent wonderful time in the Flathead Valley of Montana.  My
RV friends, John and lovely Bea and I (old hippies)

had a "groovey" time cooking for each other, glorious chatting, seeing Glacier National Park and surrounding areas of Kalispell (where they live).

Bigfork is a small village situated at the mouth of the Swan River on Flathead Lake. It is busy with galleries, shops, and great restaurants.

Whitefish is also a small pine-clad village that sits on the shore of its own personal lake. "It is an island of culture in an ocean of mountain recreation", so says the local chamber of commerce.

Cultural activities rule all 3 of these cities and each, although close together, has its own community arts center. Oh! These 3 mountain-rimmed towns (pretty smoky now from the fires) have been recognized in John Villani's book, "The 100 Best Small Art Towns in America"....And Bigfork is featured in David Vokac's "The Great Towns of America". He described it as "one of the hidden treasures of the Rocky Mountains."

So you can see I need a new cup.....as the saucer is also overflowing....with all the beauty in the world. I love it all....even as I go to North Dakoto to an authorized dealer to fix my TV that has been broken for a month. It fell off the arm holding it. I haven't missed the TV but it takes up an entire chair.....and I need all my space in this tiny RV I call "Phoebe McGee".

TaZzi says hi....she will be 2 years old on 8/21!

GypsyMama aka Pat

Perpetual Motion

August 6, 2007, 8:40 pm

Had a great time in Colorado in the Gunnison -Buena Vista area (Holt's Guest Ranch-Taylor Lake) is where I was with my Oklahoma friends for 8-9 days.  Very relaxing (that could be the wrong adjective here).  Very adventureous for me.....some firsts!  I had never been ATVing...now I have.  I didn't have my own and everyone else did.  That's OK!  So, I rode in the back of others when I went.  There were about 25-30 of them from the ages 3 to 66 (both my friend Pat & I were the 66 year old grannies).  We called ourselves "Grand Dames"!  We were hot!

No one would tear themselves away to go White Water Rafting but......I'll be in the west for a few more weeks and hopefully will do that "first",  as well.

Jackson Hole/Star Valley (Butch Cassidy's old residence) is where I am now, and not surprisingly, I'm loving the ranges, the valleys, the peaks, the breath-taking views at 8,000 ft.

Tomorrow I head north to Glacier National Park.  Along the way, I will take many less traveled roads so it may take a while to get there.  Actually I may not find too many of roads less traveled in this well traveled & popular wild west.             

I continue to know how lucky I am that I'm able to do this.  A very good friend of mine back in Santa Cruz, CA and a co-worker for 25 years (a picture of health) a runner/avid tennis player/ eats everything right) just found out she has breast cancer.  We just never know, do we?!

Til next time......happy traveling.....who may be kindred spirits!