All Roads Lead to a Ferry or Two

June 29, 2010

My long-time travel plans to B.C. are I am not disappointed. Of course, I just arrived but had the time of my life getting here as you can read in previous postings.

A few years ago I traveled briefly 4 provinces of Canada in my RV and I knew then I would come back to get in-between-the-lines of Canada. I will stay for a few months.

My home base while here is with my Baja neighbors, Althea and Brian and they have a 5 STAR Driveway (actually it's a ramp specifically for RV's) for me to park Phoebe McGee. Electricity, Water, TV,  wi-fi, Pacific Ocean as my front yard, a Suzuki, laundry room, bath tub, food fit for any gypsy and .... they love my dog.

I took this picture on the way to Powell River on the ferry..

Brian and Althea's home...and yes, those are cherry trees and they are almost ready.  I've already gotten a few good ones.

See that long (line) in the ocean?  It was all logs and Althea said the logs go deep into the ocean.  It was being pulled by such a small tug.

My 5 Star drive-way.

Now you know where I am.  Tomorrow I will see more of this area and I can't wait!

Yes, I'm lovin this place called "The Sunshine Coast"!

Old Friends~New Friends

June 22, 2010

By the time I arrived in Belfair, Washington (Tiger Lake) at Don and Joyce's, I wasn't feeling well.  Within a few days I got better...thanks to my doc from Santa Cruz who phoned in an Rx for me and my friends' taking good care of me.  We ate at 2 Margaritas with some of Don and Joyce's friends (now mine)  had some good food.  Margaritas were pretty good, too.

The next day we went to Park at Puget Sound Navy Museum in Bremerton with an old friend of Joyce's (Maxine).  She is definitely the "real Maxine".  Such a character.  In her 90's and sharp as a tack.

Maxine and Joyce

Don and TaZzi

Don doesn't stop working til it's time for Happy Hour which we held every night.  Since I was sick my happiness was found in a ginger ale.

Relaxing on the patio, TaZzi is always happy on Don's lap.

Tiger Lake is quite beautiful as you can see and they have their property up for sale.  They live in the Baja in the winter for about 6 months and they will stay in the Bremerton area but want to downsize.  Their home in Baja is exquisite..

Now onto catch a ferry to BC.
Don and Joyce's front yard