WWS = Writing While Sick

July 11, 2008 - Friday
Rhetorical Randomness
I know it's time to go
Where this time
Is it important to know now
Pacific Coast Highway
Not too hot this July
Diesel prices high
This summer of 08
Mexico feels nice
Snorkel, Margaritas, Friends
New Orleans in February
Mardi Gras, Masks, and Friends
Cannot decide
Is it important to know now
Is this about travel
And where I'll go
Is this about Longings
Memories Heartbreak
Pain Denial Deceit Chaos Ache
Joy Adventure Rainbows Music
Squirm in my head and toes
Petals fall leaving ripples in the ocean
I know it's time to go
It doesn't matter where
It is not important to know now
These rhetorical random thoughts
Tantalize me when I'm sick....
I am now feeling better.....