in Santa Cruz

....almost home.....
September 6, 2009
Two hours from Santa Cruz on Pacheco Pass, I bumped into a fire. It hadn't been blazing for too long. Only a few police cars and blocks were in place. Traffic was moving slowly and sometimes not at all.. I had plenty of time to take pictures.  Two hours after we passed,  roads were completely closed down as the fire jumped the roads.
The wind continues to be at my back and that road continues to rise to meet me.  Just the day before, I finally found an authorized dealer to fix my RV...after driving about 400 miles with extreme reduced speed.  Can't remember what was wrong....a hose had split and had to be replaced....almost $400.00...but it's fixed.  There aren't that many authorized dealers for my RV in certain areas of the states...

I was greeted by my sis and a few friends upon arrival and some good food.....of course.  After a couple days at my sissy's, I returned to my RV Resort home in the Redwoods.  With so much to do before I leave for Mexico in November, I've maintained  a surprisingly lazy profile.....way tooooo chill!  Occupying my mind has been...walking my dog with friends and their dogs, catching up with everything Internet,....Sunday I went to church with my granddaughter, then we ate at Chili's.....hadn't seen her in a year.  Nice day.  Today, Labor Day, went to a party with lots of margarita's and great fruit salads and finger foods.  Fun people.  Tomorrow is a new day of getting organized......

These are pictures of my home in the Santa Cruz area~so peaceful~quiet~calming~conducive to "chillin"!

and here are some friends from the party today
                                                                                                                                                     Bob & Lynn Happy Anniversary
TaZzi's already snoring and I'm fixin' to join her.  Good night.