2 ole Ladies, 2 fun dogs and Key West

November 14, 2010
After I had made my drastic change not to go to the Baja this winter, I had decided I would spend the winter in Florida.  I left  the Rally in Washington, D.C. with a lot a hype and good will.  A pretty uneventful trip heading to Florida as I had decided not to stop at relatives and some friends.  I had just seen them the year before and didn't want to wear out my welcome and I was eager to see my brother and his family and some friends.  Spent about a week with my brother then headed on down to West Palm Beach to my friend from high school's home.  I had also visited her the year before .... but... we did not go to the Keys.  Neither of us had ever been so we got brave and decided to go with her big dog, MJ, TaZzi, Sharon, and me....all in Phoebe McGee.  We were limited as to where we could stay because of our dogs, but we couldn't have gotten more lucky. 

The restaurant, the Smokehouse Tiki Bar, was the best and we found out that the Geiger Key is where the locals hang out even though it's a bit off the beaten path.  What a time we had!  The most dog friendly place I've seen in all my travels.

MJ loving being very close to the water
TaZzi getting lots of attention

Some of the locals
The food at the Tiki Bar was beyond any adjectives.  The bar and deck are perfectly located for watching the sunset.  The food was prepared on the outside grill and served by the most caring and friendly staff that make you feel like one of the family.

We spent every night at the Tiki Bar since I don't night drive......and during the day.....

we were wasted away in Margaritaville,
Searchin' for our long lost shaker of salt.

..and hanging out with..
You Know Who!
Not in any particular order are some of our 'hot spots'!

Hemingway's favorite place
A family waiting for the cheese cake factory to open...they're on island time.

Like the smart tourists we are, we got tickets for the hop-on hop-off trolley.  We left the driving to the trolley man and it was a great way to do it...random pictures below:

90 miles to Cuba...amazing some still can't go!

Now, back to our home...Geiger Key and our last night

Sharon, hiding behind the tree 

The black in back of MJ is .... water.