My family....

January 2009

My family consists daughter, Angela (45) her children (my grandchildren), Shane (26), Jyler aka Jag (20), Taijah Seville (16), Shane's wife, Ashley, their son, Brayden, my sister, Deanie, her daughter, Madison aka Lori, son, Rick, my brother, Danny, his wife, Charlotte, their son, Matthew (not pictured) are in random order....the way they are on my computer....and I don't even know how they got there...I just push some buttons and it happens!

Tay Tay ...


Jyler and Taijah...Disney Cruise...Bahamas shoot...San Francisco

Pat quading in the rockies

Taijah...Cabo San Piña colada

... Jyler and Shane...Pajaro Dunes

Shane, Ashley, Brayden

Pat's graduation picture...1959

Mommy & Daddy (rip)

Madree and Shane, Tahoe 1989-90

Madison,  my niece

Deanie, Williamsburg, VA

Jyler and his Disney Cruise friends

Gramma, Jyler, Taijah...Disney Cruise

Taijah Los Angeles Runway Competition

Taijah & Madison...Thanksgiving 2007

Jyler, football at Harbor High, Santa Cruz




Brayden, my great grandson

Daughter, Angela, in the 80's

Rick, my nephew, Christmas 2008
My sis, Deanie, waving from the Gulf Coast

My grandson, Jyler in Monterey

My brother and sister-in-law...Danny & Charlotte

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really an eye opener for me.

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