Southern California...Arizona


By now you know the story....when you haven't heard from me for this long.....I must be in some beautiful but remote place....YUP!

For a few days I spent time with friends in Niland, CA (Saltan Sea area...near the Mexican border & the Chocolate Mountains). The Fountain of Youth Spa & Hot Springs Resort.... is a very active community of about 800 energizer-wound-up bunnies....I wonder, no longer, how they stay so young; hence the name of their community. Unfortunately, I had a bit of a fever and couldn't participate actively while there...but had a great time. Thanks...Susan, Hugh, Charlie!

I'm now at K.Q. Ranch Resort in historical Julian, CA.....known originally for gold strikes ... now it's about the "apples" baby! Better apple pie than my aunt Pearl's! This area is also called "The Imperial Valley" and is near the Mexican border.

On Monday, I'm off to Desert Hot Springs, then on to Arizona.....will see an old friend in Phoenix, then to Benson (Tombstone Territory) for a reunion with friends I met last year at a resort there.... can't wait Susan & Mike!

Don't know when I can send this out but am writing Saturday. March beautiful granddaughter's 15th birthday...say it isn't so ....

Ciao for now.....& remember.....

a piece of the peace I have in this gypsy life-style I've chosen, depends on you.....hearing from you and knowing what's up with you.