Exploring Baja's East Cape

February 2010

 I began my jaunt in Cabo San Lucas getting my "Phoebe McGee" tuned.....she was due for her 10,000 mile check up. Phoebe has given me 53,000 glorious miles now.

Since I had not yet explored the East Cape, I decided now was the time to do it. Avoiding, sadly, the "camino costero" where we would have visited secluded beaches and rocky points and freshwater springs hidden deep in the mountainous interior.....because of the condition of the road...washboard, bumpy, narrow! Phoebe rejects those conditions. Another time in another vehicle.

I decided to stay in Cabo for a night and loved it so much~ended up staying for 10 days. Being retired and without an agenda, I get to do whatever I want. Within 5 minutes of arrival I met another adventurer from Santa Cruz and also a man I had met last year.....also from Santa Cruz and another couple from Finland that had been staying in Pescadero right next to me. Laurie and I have many mutual friends and she was staying a couple weeks....so we had reason to park right next to her and her 2 great dogs, Ari and Cali. After many mango margarita's, lots of home-made food and restaurant food, fabric shops, walking the dogs, sunsets, and a pirate cruise, TaZzi and I finally headed for our destination.

Our stay in Cabo was at the Villa Serena RV Park and the palapa restaurant on site is a popular spot overlooking the ocean~and serving fabulous food, i.e., my favorite....coconut shrimp. I took the picture below sitting in the restaurant, sipping a margarita and eating coconut shrimp.

Laurie is such a pirate! And I got to be a pirate, as well, when we boarded the Pirate Ship Buccaneer Queen. We embarked on an epic journey along the coastline of Los Cabos, passing the famed landmark of El Arco "the Arch" aka hole in the wall. Because of our hats and our eagerness to be pirates we got to participate heavily in the pirate show. We were not shy! And that's all I'll say about that!  The pictures will speak.

                                                                                            Pirate Laurie and Pirate Pat

                                                                                    hole in the wall

Now it was time to explore the East Cape. TaZzi and I said our goodbyes to Laurie, Cali and Ari and others, then headed to one of the few larger towns (with a highway). It was a short drive to Los Barriles. This quaint town formerly the sole domain of sports fishermen and wind surfers now attracts early retirees. They speed along in their ATV's riding everywhere. Few automobiles. We stayed at the beach resort Martin Verdugo's. Our space was right next to the hotel you see below in this picture overlooking the crystal clear water of the Sea of Cortez, the pool, the roof top restaurant and the palapa bar, and the mountains surrounding the town of Los Barriles.

Even though this town has become a resort, you still have the feel of the "real" Baja. Roosters roam the streets, taco stands and family-owned businesses are plentiful, and a cement factory where hand-made blocks are still made. Like so much of Baja; contrast is ominous. The local Mexicans know each other by their nicknames (sobrenombres) and the untamed back country is just minutes away.

We met lots of fun and friendly people and stayed for 5-6 days.

Not far from Los Barriles is La Ribera and that was our next destination. It is the last coastal town with municipal power and water heading south until San Jose del Cabo. Population is only 2,000. The town has all that is needed (at least by me) 1 RV Park (La Trinidad) ATM, Internet Cafe, 2 Pemex (gas stations), hardward store and grocery store. Plans are huge for this area, so real estate offices are plentiful.

Near the beach, but not on, is the RV Park La Trinidad, where we stayed. I think the owner, Mike, is a gringo and it is a great place to stay. It is a small park and the people were outrageously friendly and quite the "party (ers)" Hiking trails were plentiful, the pool and palapa bar immaculate. It was a bit cold and we had several storms with lots of rain while there for 3-4 days. There is also a restaurant but Mike only opens it on weekends because there are so few tourists in these hard times for all of Mexico.

                                                                                  TaZzi's unexpected friend.
Above are some of my party friends....Canadians and U.S. They were a fun-bunch!  Notice the pictures we took of the men turned out so much better than the ones they took of us. 

Til next time y'all........the gypsy