What...This isn't an Island?

July 5, 2010

I'm feeling right at home here in Powell River.  From the mundane....washing dishes, running errands (I drive the Suzuki because Althea and Brian are recovering), recycling, picking and eating cherries, sitting on the deck watching the ocean and all that passes through, and did I mention....eating?  Althea has cooked all the meals so far.  She can't drive but she can certainly cook.

This city feels like an island to me.  Guess one of the reasons is it takes 2 ferries to get here.  Powell River is so easy to get around in.  I don't even need my GPS  It is long and it seems as if most of the houses, businesses, schools, and restaurants are right by the ocean.  It's small, only about 22,000 people.  Brian and Althea know all of them....most all of them.  Some of the people here never leave the island.....I mean the "bush"...I mean the town.  It takes some effort as the ferries are sometimes busy and don't always run.  

The ocean just yards from us is not loud and not a surfer's beach.  Powell River is on the "inside passage" and is a naturally protected waterway from Seattle to Skagway in southeastern Alaska.  It winds through Canadian waters and is protected from the open Pacific by 300-mile-long Vancouver Island and by hundreds of smaller islands to the north.  My sister and I cruised the inside passage from Alaska about 4 years ago and it took us past some of the most spectacular scenery in the world.  Desolate shoreline and towering glacial peaks.

At one time, Powell River is said to have been close to 20,000 First Nations people for many thousands of years.  Prior to European settlement the region was the year round home of the Silammon First Nation.  In the early 1900's, logging arrived to the area.  A few years later it was the center of the newsprint world.

This region, known as the Sunshine Coast, is blessed with not only the Pacific ocean, but with many crystal clear lakes, inlets, rainforests, salmon rivers, idyllic islands and friendly people who take a special pride in their community.  It is considered a Pearl on the Sunshine Coast.... and I am so happy to be here; not as a tourist, but as a quasi member of this community..

Brian and an old friend.


Powell River Books said...

I'm glad you are enjoying my home town. I came here as a visitor in 2000 and moved here full time in 2008. The draw for me was Powell Lake and float cabins. We were from LA and had never seen anything like them. We just knew that was where we wanted to spend the rest of our lives. If you get a chance, go up the lake and see these unique parts of Powell River living. - Margy

Pat Raines aka Gypsy Mama said...

A few people have posted comments and I've been unable to publish them. I've let blogger know and they are working on it. Thanks, especially from those of you I don't know and either live in P.R.or have visited Good hearing from you. Now, I'll see if my comment publishes!

Anonymous said...
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