All Roads Lead to a Ferry or Two

June 29, 2010

My long-time travel plans to B.C. are I am not disappointed. Of course, I just arrived but had the time of my life getting here as you can read in previous postings.

A few years ago I traveled briefly 4 provinces of Canada in my RV and I knew then I would come back to get in-between-the-lines of Canada. I will stay for a few months.

My home base while here is with my Baja neighbors, Althea and Brian and they have a 5 STAR Driveway (actually it's a ramp specifically for RV's) for me to park Phoebe McGee. Electricity, Water, TV,  wi-fi, Pacific Ocean as my front yard, a Suzuki, laundry room, bath tub, food fit for any gypsy and .... they love my dog.

I took this picture on the way to Powell River on the ferry..

Brian and Althea's home...and yes, those are cherry trees and they are almost ready.  I've already gotten a few good ones.

See that long (line) in the ocean?  It was all logs and Althea said the logs go deep into the ocean.  It was being pulled by such a small tug.

My 5 Star drive-way.

Now you know where I am.  Tomorrow I will see more of this area and I can't wait!

Yes, I'm lovin this place called "The Sunshine Coast"!

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