The End or the Beginning?

July 12, 2010

Where are we going today? To the end of the road.  If you're from, or have traveled the west coast ...US, Canada, have, no doubt, been on Highway 101.  It is one of the world's longest highways.  The Pacific Coastal Highway aka Highway 101 stretches 15,020 Kms (9,312 miles) all the way from Castro on Chile's south coast to end in the tiny hamlet of Lund on BC's Sunshine Coast.  Lund is a beautiful and slow half hour drive along the coast from where I'm nesting in Powell River. And that is where we spent a few hours today.  Lund lies on a secluded harbour backed by the magnificent peaks of the Coast Mountains.  So was it the beginning or the end?  Must be the beginning because look at that sign below that says..Mile Zero.              

And this sign says "The Start end of  Highway 101.  Looks like they are confused, too.      

We ate at the historic refurbished Lund Hotel built in 1889 by Frederick and Charles Thulin, who named the fishing village after the university city of Lund in Sweden.  



I only took pictures of the appetizers when they were half gone.  As you can see, the shrimp, the oysters, and the salad were quite appetizing.

Chelsea (age 19) was our server.  She is from Alaska.  In October she is ...leaving alone.... and is 'hitching' from the beginning to the end......yes, she is hitching to Chile.  With a backpack.  Now, I wouldn't even do that.  Especially at age 19.  She's very personable and I hope she has a safe trip and a great adventure.  I wish her the best.  I told her if I see her, I will pick her up.

Chelsea and the other Gypsy!

Today Lund is a major stopover for tourists and vacationers.  In the summer the 800 year-round residents increases substantially. .It was once a port for isolated coastal logging operations, and the last stop in civilization for those heading north

         Helicopter Pad.....yes, and an over sized chess set.

We strolled the boardwalk around the harbour and watched the constant hustle and bustle of the busy little harbour, and visited the arts and crafts shops.......and took lots of pictures.  

This coastline has year-round salmon fishing  and there are many charter boats  in Lund and Powell River, guided by experienced captains experienced in finding the ideal fishing hole. There is the Dinner Rock Campground, located directly on the ocean on a bit of a rough road. The recreation site offers basic facilities and campsites, including walk-in and vehicle sites.  This is where you want to be when a full moon lights up Malaspina Strait and shooting stars rain in the night sky.  I hope I'm here for a full moon. 

thanks, friends......