"twas the night before election...."

November 4, 2008 - Tuesday 

In thinking about what all of us go through tonight (no matter our political  convictions) I wrote this in hopes we can all come together believing we are all one America and we will do what is necessary to continue to make our country great....no matter what!

"Twas the night before election, when all through the states
All the creatures were restless, and none without aches
Our thoughts and our longings, we believe with our hearts
In hopes that our ballots soon will be "sparks"

We've researched, we've listened, we've argued, we've prayed
We must be ready to go with what's made
We continue debate, dissent, and fear
And gather in party with lots of beer

Knowing our people will always be proud
We have all the rights to be loud
So, we'll know soon what's in store for 4 years
And continue our mission without tears

Our 2 party system changes and swings
Only to always come back with wings
Our cages may rattle; our eyes will know lies
In the end, we'll prevail because we are wise..."