A Special Birthday~A Special Wedding~A Sad Farewell

October 17, 2010

One of the many reasons I decided to head to the East Coast in October was my Aunt Veedee Sue (Veneda) was turning 90 and I knew it would be a family reunion of sorts.  Pretty in Pink in this picture is my auntie.  All but the guy is blue (Dan) her nephew and the girl in red (mauh) her niece on her husband's side) are her children.  And not all were there.  Missing are Roger, Terry, Robin (hope I got all of them).  It was a great day and I saw many I hadn't seen in years and met the new.  Food was wonderful and I think she enjoyed herself immensely.  It was too busy to get a huge group family picture.

While in my hometown, I was also able to see some high school friends...we met for lunch at (where else) Appleby's and we had a great time.

Michigan is never complete unless I go to Ann Arbor to spend time with my ex-husband and his wife and family.  I did and it was nice as always.  While in Ann Arbor I also was able to meet up with some cousins on my mother's side, some of whom I had never met but had a FB relationship with.  Her (Aimee's) mom I had met as a young girl at a funeral and probably a few other times...but so long ago.  And it was wonderful meeting them briefly for dinner. Then......

the sad part of the reason for coming east....My good friend, Cindi, for 45 years was in her 2nd year with ALS...that awful and hateful disease.  She was in her last days and I went to Bloomfield Hills to say goodbye.. it has one of the hardest things I've ever done.  Here's how I did it.  Several of our friends were there along with her husband.  I was just there for a few hours.  When I left, I kissed her and said goodbye and left crying like a baby.  Had to stop driving a few times as I couldn't see for the tears.  Ran back to Ann Arbor and wrote:

I wrote this Cindi,..knowing I wouldn't see you again in this world. I know you knew how loved you were/are....by all who know you. Me...for 45 years with our ups/downs and most special memories. ~~~I know your time is near~~Oh that I could take your body to mend~~ I know that soon God will be your closest friend~~ I said goodbye as you slept~~I kissed your forehead gently~~My dear friend  Cindi you will be missed~~ I thought as I drove away, if only you could be healed I would vote Republican so I could make you happy." ~~~

Pat & TaZzi and Cindi & Jack Black after church..the year before she died.  I miss her so.
A week in Upper Michigan at their home to tell Cindi how much we love her..she's the beautiful one in yellowish in the middle. circa 2009

  After Michigan on to Louisville, Kentucky "happy".  My cousin, Jennifer's wedding and more family reunion.
Jennifer, the lovely bride.  Love this picture and I took it!

Pat & Carlene (aunt of the bride) my cousin & forever friend

My aunt Veedee Sue and Pat
Robin (Jen's Mom)

Pat and Jen

Now....on to D.C. for the Ralley.