Half Moon Bay Art & Pumpkin Festival

October 18, 2009

This festival has been a part of my life since 1978 when it was in its 7th year.  A bunch of friends & I  went in a big RV.  That was long before I got my RV...almost 30 years later.  It was fun then ~~it is still fun! 

This year, my sis, my niece and I went to the festival and met with some of her HMB friends.  She lives right down town so this is the first time parking hasn't been an issue.  We also went early in the morning before it got "really" busy.  It was then and continues to be an old-fashioned festival...lots of families and considering the crowds hasn't become too commercialized. I take that back....now you have to pay to have your picture taken with the "BIG" pumpkin.  This years winner came from Des Moines, Iowa and it weighed in at 1,658 pounds.  I didn't pay the 12 bucks for the picture but was able to get these shots.  I handed my camera to a man way up in the line to pay and view and he took this shot for me.
....and here I am with the sign about the payment plan....

This small town of Half Moon Bay in the early 70's was showing signs of deterioration and needed to be revitalized....a good reason to form a committee..right?  Sometimes committees' get it right.  Because people were already coming to the area during pumpkin season, a natural progression was to nab those people.  Hence; come and pick your pumpkin at the many patches...then come downtown to a festival!

"The Pumpkin Festival has done more  for this city, by far, than any other thing in the city's history,'" according to former City Manager Fred Mortensen.  Proceeds increase all the time and the downtown area has flourished and various service organizations benefit greatly from the festival proceeds.

The well-known kickoff to the festival is the Safeway World Championship Pumpkin Weigh-Off which is held on Columbus Day every year. The Weigh-Off helps to demonstrate the importance of agriculture to the economy of San Mateo County. Pumpkins weighing more than 1,000 pounds are brought by proud growers and their families each year to the Weigh-Off.

The festival has everything from great foods, entertainment, wine, haunted house, children's activities, pie eating contests, pumpkin carvers, parade, unique arts and crafts, and of course the pumpkin weigh-off.  Oh! and there is also a design the logo contest.  This year I won't forget the  contest winner!  Jess, from Philadelphia, and an architect designed this logo.  An old family friend, Shirley, a HMB resident brought her over to my niece's home....what a delightful and talented young woman!

Jess & Shirley

Posted below are pics of the day that include my sister, Deanie, and my niece, Madison, and of course, the Gypsy Mama...that would be me.

Madi, Patty, Deanie

a sample of some architecture of the town

another sample of the architecture..she's in the spirit of the event with her doggie-in-a-bag.

and every festival has belly dancers.

an artist's portrayal of a pug ..TaZzi's cuter!

My portrayal of a pug...TaZzi!

I loved this place...lots of hats (just what I need!) I did buy a flower for my hair and/or hats...but I didn't
 buy a hat!
you can see the flower (a bit) on my hat...this kind lady thought I looked hungry and gave me some wonderful garlicky french fries.

there's the flower on my hat!

the farmer carver....

head shot!

my sis, Deanie, in her cheater seat...taking it all in!

and a homeless man with his belongings and doggie that needed to pee.....the dog did....I took the pic....didn't post....who says I have no class!

The pictures below are in Madison's home, before we left for the festival....with her dog, Buddy.

Mimi aka Mama, Madi, Buddy
Madi, Patty, Buddy
and there you have it....the last festival before I head for the Baja.....for even more festivals!



Janet said...

Sounds like a great time! I just love fall!

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