Fires & Festivals


An update on the Cal eee fooooor neeee ahhhhh fires aka California fires.... &
tentative plans, etc...

Some of you are asking about the many fires in our state.....they are everywhere around me but not right in my face. Phoebe McGee (my RV) has much ash on her, TaZzi & I are coughing more than usual (had to bring out the inhaler for me - TaZ doesn't know how to use it...yet)! My redwood forest is not fires allowed here at the resort....

Just returned from a 3-day music festival Welcome to the 2009 Kate Wolf Memorial Music Festival, in Mendocino County (very near fires) and it was friend, Helen, went with me and, although very hot, we had a memorable time. Here are some of the pic.

Cooling off in the nearby river.

Our very nice, lovely, & photogenic neighbors that shared our space for 3 days on the ground.

Some of the performers..

and Helen and I

There's a good chance that I'll travel to Cabo San Lucas, MX area for a few months....working out plans for that now.....if I do that, will leave September or October. Will don't worry about me traveling alone......!! Also may head north (Oregon, Washington, Vancouver) for a few weeks. Was planning a Big Sur stay but only fires and fire-fighters live there now.......

Gotta go now.....woke up with an idea I must begin planning...lots of kids out here at the resort this am going to get them together for a lemon-aid stand and hot dog sale for tomorrow with funds for our fire-fighters....hope it works.

Happy Safe 4th....Pat...

from Poet's Heart by Kate Wolf......

"And you in your elegance and humor
fill the room
your love and your concern
Your anger at the injustice of man's
narrowness and fear
I thank you for being here"

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