loving the baja

November 2008

As I enter into my 3rd week in Mexico, I'm still in awe.......of the warmth of the people, of the  fact that I still can't speak Spanish, of the reality that I'm still functioning and getting things done.....i.e., my laundry.......I left it at Neptune in Todos Santos yesterday.....today I picked up 4 pretty big loads (including bedding) $9.00 (their soap) American dollars....I left a $2.00 tip to the giggling girls who spoke absolutely as much English as I spoke Spanish.  Giggles are universal.  I thought I was playing charades and it worked.....I got my laundry.  They had folded meticulously my clothing, my bedding, towels, and they were clean beyond what I expected.  Some of my things were permanently stained (I thought)......but no longer.

Some days I go to the beach

sometimes I read most of the day.....currently reading and loving "Three Cups of Tea" and completing "From Beirut to Jerusalem"......I haven't seen TV since I've been here.....other than re watching on DVD "No Country for Old Men" and when I'm missing family, put in home movies of my grand kids...I'm considering getting satellite radio......right now the only news from the states I get is 1/2 hour in English Monday through Friday of world news.  Oh, and I also play a lot of solitaire on my laptop and last night I won.....first time ever in my life!   At least the first real time I won.....before computer, I could cheat and say I won but think I lied.  Oh, I also do yoga on Monday, Wednesday, & Friday.  The location is where I stay just a few yards in a palapas and Myra, the owner of the park teaches it.  I hope I keep it up cuz Lord knows my body needs to move and stretch....and Yoga is definitely a workout!

Today the illegal catching fisherman & his lady pulled in my RV Park with tons of just caught (mostly Mahi Mahi.....)  Guess what I had for dinner......yes.....pan fried Mahi Mahi with 6 different sauces that Madison aka Lori (my niece) and her partner, Michael, brought me from Belize a few months ago.  Each bite was different ..... as I added "Marie Sharps" (Beware comatose heat level Habanero pepper sauces-4 kinds) and ended with papaya and pineapple jam.  I fried it outside in the dark around 6 PM where it was still in the 80's......and now my small kitchen doesn't smell of "fish".....

On Thursday, Thanksgiving, I will go to my friend, Janet's top-of-the-hill home (Palapas).  Since I've been here, I've only been up there one time and it was dark.  Janet, her friend, Mary Jane from San Diego, and I went out to dinner then went up there and chatted outside under the stars and it was pretty close to heaven.  I last saw her property 11 years ago when it was just an RV and a small palapas.....with everything outside.....It is now a home with a sand floor and some sides....lovely.

I continue to meet and socialize with wonderful other gringos/gringas and some are true "characters" with fun names.......like ... Doomsday Charlie, Crazy Bob, Alley Cat, Sorry Dave.....I'm now waiting for Joe the Plumber...don't know what he's up to now......no one has a last name but they aren't necessary.  I don't know if I have a name yet here but I do know that as I drive my RV (Phoebe McGee) through Todos Santos, the regulars there wave and smile at TaZzi and me.  There are no other rigs here that look like mine and when I stop, they want to see it, to know how much it cost and to hear all about my travels......and I tell them in English......and they get it!  At least I think they do. Here's Don cooking dinner for a few friends. He and his wife Joyce now live in the Baja full-time.

More later & Happy Thanksgiving........love peace and fish tacos

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