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December 2009

I haven't been documenting my time in the Baja since I arrived in ...Hang On ....I will post pictures and narrate a bit about my activities......!

Our "traditional" Thanksgiving: at Janet's...this year with Canadian friend
Dell.....Janet, Patricia and the Gypsy.

Janet's friendly palapa gate....

some of Janet's new art work....check out more of her work at:
The view at dusk from her hilltop home in Pescadero.

 A day in La Paz with Althea  and Brian....lunch at a not-so-great- restaurant.....looks can be deceiving..

Dinner at Brian & Althea's with Don & Joyce.....with my favorite (one of my favorites) Pineapple Upside Cake....thanks, Althea.

My overnight stay at Los Cerritos Beach...

....a Sunday afternoon of Jazz selections with Dalene Jones.........

Trekking a bit to the East Cape to the small (almost ghost) town of El Triunfo, you can get a sense of what Baja California was like during the 19th century silver-mining boom.  Watching out for and snapping pictures of the friendly cows, burrows, horses and some of the other 100 land mammals that live wherever they choose is as enjoyable as the destination itself.

Close by is Bahia De La Ventana, a windsurfing, kiteboarding, scuba diving, sports enthusiasts, and beach-goers paradise. This area was once a quiet little fishing village until wind surfers, in the 1990's discovered it had perfect conditions (lots of ideal wind) for their adventurous activities. It remains relatively underdeveloped but ..... the boom is on the cusp. Kiteboarders say this area is the best place in the world to learn the sport. When we visited, it was pretty spectacular watching all the activities.

Crazy friends having lunch in Todos Santos

Art & Beer is a fun place just south of Pescadero.  The owners had a thank you party for their patrons with free drinks and appetizers....naturally many people show up!  Below are old and new friends...and Alfredo, owner of Art & Beer.

Marina is 15 ...... when Mexican girls turn 15 they get a big party (Quinceañera).  It happened in December and what a party it was!

This is but a few "happenings" in my life from November-December 09 in the Baja. Time flies and I don't get a chance to keep up regularly.

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Pat Raines aka Gypsy Mama said...

Hey Patty: I really enjoyed your blog this morning. Good way to wake up and vicariously live in my sissy's travels. Loved it. You are quite good. Deanie