"Take a Hike"

August 8, 2010

After a couple days of gloom and rain and wind, today, Sunday,  was time to get out....and take a hike.  Brian was able today, having almost fully recovered from his lawnmower fall (yes, I said lawnmower-another story) that almost killed him, to take me and TaZzi to the Willingdon Beach Trail.  We took it easy.  What normally takes 1 hour, took us almost 2....but that wasn't because we were that slow.  Brian was born in Powell River and he knows way too many people and runs into them wherever we go, we also had to see the first nations artifacts, and TaZzi had to pee at least 50 times and greet the other dogs..  

This trail begins here at the registration cabin for the Willington Beach Campsite and takes us to the 4,000 ft. waterfront trail.

If  I didn't have such a great place to park my RV (in Brian and Althea's personal RV space at their home), this campsite would be a very peaceful place to stay.

We were greeted by none other than Popeye and Olive Oil.....

In addition to gazing across the sweeping waters of Malaspina Strait, we admired the trees along the shore, reflecting the activity of the original First Nations inhabitants. We heard and watched gulls, cormorants, and harbour seals. 
Brian and TaZzi

Following are random pictures along this beautiful trail.

This tree has been broken many times.  When it breaks, it just grows back and this one was quite crooked.

Courtesy of the Powell River Forestry Museum, various pieces of logging equipment have been stationed along the trail, including a steam donkey, a bulldozer, and an antique fire pump. 

Pat and TaZzi

Brian and TaZzi

Wherever Brian is....TaZzi is ......

This stream was so clear and 'drinkable'

The trail has many access points that go to the beach where there is excellent swimming and places to picnic along the shore.  And Brian has many boyhood stories of the trail, some of which I could share.


Old friends, yes, they went to school together....Brian went to school with almost everyone he meets.

Another friendly dog and friendly group of hikers

This trail was once a rail bed used to haul logs to the Powell River Company Mill.  It is quite wide and easy to hike or bike.  We saw many hikers and bikers and dogs.. 

TaZzi says "get me off this monster!"

Our hike ends, I'm writing about it, TaZzi is sleeping, Brian and Althea went to the grocery store in preparation for another of  her gourmet meals.  I know blackberries are involved either tonight or tomorrow night.  She won's say; she likes surprising us.  And I love surprises.

Unfortunately, I will be gone before that annual blackberry festival is held in a few weeks.

Next week I take a few ferries to Vancouver to pick up Helen, my long-time friend from Santa Cruz  She has a one-way ticket and we will explore Vancouver for a few days, then head back to Santa Cruz ...... taking the roads less traveled......

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