Meanwhile....back at the Ranch...Gizdich

 October 2, 2010

Girl time is always fun!  This is the time of the year when pumpkins, apple pie, cider, orchards, and jams just seem to call my name.  Yesterday the name calling included Gizdich Ranch.  In my past it is usually a trip that includes grandchildren and their friends.  They are now grown and in different I go with the adults....and we act like kids. 

Corrie, Deanna, Deanie and I spent the picture-perfect-weather-morning yumming out on Apple pie, ice cream, and coffee at the ranch. 
 Lots of kids and moms, dads, teachers, and dogs were there.  I left TaZzi at home...for a change.

With the continued beautiful weather-day, we drove the richl California Central Coast (Steinbeck Country) to Castroville in search of fried artichokes. 

We found the most famous one.

We ordered a mish mosh of items...including  fried artichokes, quesadillas, salad, and we were deliciously satisfied.

Us being a little too satisfied

These cute lil gals let us take their pictures w/daddy's permission

So satisfied, we decided to go antiquing.  We found a really nice store and spent a bit of time there.  Long enough for Deanie to find something she couldn't live without.
A day well-spent, we giggled our way back home.

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