April 17, 2007, 6:52 pm

Hello everyone.....I have been soooo "not-connected!" When last I wrote I was leaving Albuquerque escaping (I thought) tornadic activity. It followed me....I followed it....from Amarillo, TX...to Enid, OK.....to Dallas, TX.....Today I arrived in Austin, TX. I'm staying in far from the nicest RV Park I've ever seen ...but................I'm fully connected for a week. So it's a trade-off.

On Saturday I'm at "Old Settler's Music Festival"....thanks to my RVScrapbook friends, Gavi & Pepi ...they know Austin and gave me great websites for the area. Had a hard time deciding which day I'd go. Decision made based on "Iris DeMent, Peter Rowan, Classical Grass, Sarah Jarosz".......but missing on Friday...Sam Bush, Mary Gauthier, John Cowan Band oh well.....can't have it all!

Spent 2+ weeks with an old friend in OK just veging.......in a very small town (about 250 people). Cooked some good food in a real kitchen, rode horses, got to meet lots of Oakies (lovem). She has 5 sons and lots of grandkids and her Mom lives there, as well. Even went to church! One good-weather day but it was all-good.

Spent a few days in Dallas-Ft.Worth, visiting with my cousin and her family. Also we were dodging tornadoes and extremely strong winds and storms. Truth is we didn't dodge all of it. Had to go to a safe place at RV Park. Winds got to 60-65 mph...tornado was within minutes of us, hail size of quarters. Very scary!

Then diverted back to OK to meet with my precious TaZzi's breeder, Kari Callicoat, TaZzi's Mama and half sister (Lucy & Madison).
What a special time that was! Of course I wanted TaZzi to recognize her mama and sis but there was no recognition on any part. Just a bunch of dogs having fun.

While in Austin, I plan to not only see, hear some great music but to catch up on some responses to some rv friends.

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