'hunkered down in Texas with nothin but music"

April 25, 2007, 11:33 am

 For the past month + my life has been centered around weather....from New Mexico....to panhandle TX....to OK...back to TX...Dallas...Austin....now Houston....next week, New Orleans....3/4 of my time is spent finding places to hunker down. It's not a good thing to become complacent when it comes to Mother Nature but.......where can you go when your house is a 22' RV! TaZzi no longer jumps from the thunder and thinks lightening is a game of chasing the flashlight (her favorite game). She also thinks getting on the floor covered with pillows and comforters is a fun game.

Enough weather talk!I didn't get to stay in Austin nearly long enough but will definitely go back many times. The Old Settler's Music Festival was so much fun. Beautiful weather...just perfect and the music.......incredible!

Met lots of neat people also. Tell me, how do you place your chair in an area of 1,000's and find yourself in the midst of RV'ers (one with an RV just like yours). Since I've been traveling, I've only seen about 3 Leisure Travel Vans). Amazing

Needless to say, I'm jazzed about the Jazz Festival next week. And then on to Lake Bruin and Monroe to see Anne, Debb, et al RV friends.Gotta run.....another tornado watch...really....for my area. We'll go to the club house.

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