...Me & Phoebe McGee.....

written in July 2006 with my grandchildren in mind! 

Me & Phoebe McGee........sang to tune of me and bobbie mcgee

Lyin wait in Santa Cruz
  Longin' to become sane
And feelin near as faded as my years
  Wonderin when I'd wake up without tears
Then one night it happened
  And I woke up with my dream
I heard the yearnings of my longtime plight
  Next mornin it was shoppin time
For my new home on the road
  Watch out here we come for Phoebe McGee


Ohhh...Freedom's just another word for nothin left to lose
Nothin don't mean nothin hon when your grandkids go oh no
And feelin good wasn't easy Lord, cuz oh I love them so
But now it's time for me to stop singin the blues

They had the very best of me
  And I shared the secrets of my soul
Through all kinds of turmoil it was cold
  Yeah I tried to  keep them from some sadder days
But one morning who knows when that all slipped away
  I knew that they were lookin for that home and I hope 
  they'll find
What I've found and don't want them to deny

repeat chorus

But I wouldn't trade o' my tomorrows
for one single yesterday
To be holding all those grandkids next to me
In my new home I call Phoebe McGee
And with my sweet lil dog named TaZzi
We're travelin just as free as we can be

Lord, I call them my grandkids, I call them my loves
I call them my friends, did the best I could do
Hey, now Phoebe, how now TaZ
Hey, hey, hey, Phoebe McGee, Lord!

la da da ~la da da da la da da de de de da
la da da da la da la da Phoebe McGee, yeah

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