...time to write a country song.....

May 20, 2007, 7:09 pm

hellooooooooo.......from Memphis-Graceland RV Park & Campground......was going to just "walk over to Graceland today from the park......when I realized it was getting very hot in my RV.  Air was on but it was blowing hot air...It's Sunday!  Decided I could not leave my baby "TaZzi" in this heat.  So glad I didn't leave any earlier.  It was 97 (inside RV most of the day).  I kept us sprayed with cold water and bandanas around our heads & necks.  We are surrounded by trees and are actually parked in the shade...a blessing.  Tomorrow supposed to go to National Civil Rights Museum (where Martin Luther King was assissinated). 

Tomorrow I will decide what to do.  I know AC must get fixed .... can't imagine what it could be. 

Just left from a great visit to Shilo in Monroe.... seeing poor sick Anne.....but blogger_Debb wasn't sick so we hung out a bit and took tons of pictures to show you all.

Now, isn't this stuff of country songs?  I'm too hot to write one, now!

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