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Marilyn & Jim (great hosts)
October 2, 2008

Not much news of late; hence no travelogues.......however....I just took a little trip up the coast...Pacific Northwest...I got as far as Mount St. Helens in Washington.  TaZzi and I stayed in the driveway (plugged in) of a high school friend (hadn't seen her in 50 years).  Marilyn was a great tour guide and knows the area well and a wonderful host for several days.   Lots of memories...year books....great food.  Silver Lake is the front yard for Marilyn and Jim and it is spectacular.

They do know how to entertain....good thing too, since it was their week + for lots of company. Mount Saint Helens

Unfortunately, I wasn't such good company .... for over a month now, I've had some lung issues....first a bronchial infection for which I was on ok for a couple days....then....wham!@@!!?  coughing (uncontrollably at times)...wheezing, congestion....and other adjectives you don't want to hear about.  My trip up north was cut short but glad I went.  Drove the coast on the way up, staying at some ocean-side resorts....on the way home took a shorter route...stopping in Sacramento to see my daughter and granddaughter for a few hours.....then stayed for 3 days on the Delta (Mokolumne River) at a resort and marina.  A great place to relax before driving back to Santa Cruz to my Redwood Forest.....still doing nothing but resting....eager to get well before heading to Mexico.  Must be 100% before leaving the country and I only have about a month to get better.  I'm on my way.

I also want to be better by the 25th....why?  I have a cabin out here at River Grove Resort

for 2 weeks and hope some of you locals (and beyond) will be able to come out and say good bye to me....when I leave this time, I will be gone at least a year.  After Mexico, New Orleans Mardi Gras, Florida, then to Michigan by April?.....& a bunch of other states while en route.   2009 is my 50th high school reunion and I want to get there early so I can help work on it.  You never know....could be the!

Another reason (and a touchy subject) I want to be better by the 25th is.....the Dem Convention begins that week.  Call me silly, but I love those conventions......both Dem & Rep.... I live and breathe politics and have for as long as I can remember.  First as a  Republican and since the mid 70's as a centrist Democrat.  I voted for Ford ... not Carter.  I've  never voted a straight ticket....I always vote for the person and the issue.  

If you were on my email list in 2002, you may remember the posting where I wrote about my thoughts on the Iraqi war.  I only wrote it because I received so  much mail about getting on the band-wagon of going to war.  I felt like a hypocrite by not saying anything...It wasn't mean and disrespectful of anyone's views.  I don't send out emails trying to convert anyone.  I believe (100%) in a 2-party system and don't want to change anyone's mind.  We all come to believe.... what we believe.... through our own research, our personal experiences, our observations......perceptions......

For the past 2 years, especially, I have received so much harmful, fearful (I'll stop there).....emails....I love the non-partisan stuff...the equal opportunity and the jib jab stuff is funny.....but not the destructive  malicious jabbings (on either side)...

We can choose to NOT live in a time when friendships are ended over how we each vote our conscience, when family members no longer speak because of political and philosophical differences.

Far too many of us from all segments of the political spectrum seem to have an attitude of "You're either with me or you're against me.  We're not about that, are we?

In the end we are all separate:  our stories, no matter how similar, come to a fork and diverge.  We may be drawn to each other because of our similarities, but it is our differences we must learn to respect.

Love to you all.....

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