From Michigan to the Redwood Forest

August 27, 2009

A quick update of life on the road after Michigan...goal was to spend a few days with my good friends, Rosemary and Arn in Kansas City. They were my neighbors for many years in Santa Cruz. They actually met because of me....hopefully they are still happy about that after 14-15 years of marriage. They had just celebrated their anniversary a few days before I got there and of course, we celebrated again. A few relatives came over for a great bar-b-q. It was also the birthday of Woodstock; so we played "Woodstockie" music and Rosemary had her tie-dyed shirt on. Great fun and with mixed emotions. I didn't take pictures.

The last time I was there to visit them .... fall of 07 .... Rosemary had just been diagnosed with cancer. After undergoing all possible treatments the cancer hasn't stopped. It has metastasized and continues destruction of her 6' beautiful body. It hasn't changed her exterior and her psyche has been filled with as much positivity as she can muster for this situation. It has taken her beautiful head of blond hair but she looks great bald and has some extra hair when she chooses. She wasn't feeling well while I was there and actually had to miss a day of work and just hang out in bed...(unusual)!

My next stop was OKlahoma.....the idea was to just show up at my friend Pat's house quite casually. That idea did not turn out OK. What happens when one of your friends buys an RV (they are not where they're supposed to be). I left her several messages with no return call. I stayed about a block from her place in a community RV Park (where I stayed a couple years ago while there.) The next morning I went to the city clerk's office to pay up and she remembered me from before and informed me that Pat was in Florida. The town is very small and everyone knows everyone. Next time, Pat....and I'm sure we will hook-up somewhere on the road in our RV's.

The closer I get to California, the more eager I am to arrive. Especially after the last couple of days.  Something is wrong with my RV....the tank is full but the indicator light is on and on the many hills I was on as I slowly went through Arizona, I discovered I didn't have much power.  The speedometer said I as going 60 mph but I was going about 10-15 mph.  My manual says I need to find a Sprinter dealer and unfortunately there aren't any in this area....I'm now in the Mohave Desert and it is 114 degrees....too hot to even move from the Resort and think about what to do. I have to drag TaZzi out to go to the bathroom...she doesn't do heat well, either.  I will think about all this tomorrow morning and get to an RV repair service (unauthorized dealer) as quickly as possible as I continue this last leg of my drive....for a couple months.

The RV Resort where I am is on the beautiful Colorado River and most of the sites are riverfront overlooking a sandy beach. The only people having any fun or the only ones that are even outside are the boaters. There are lots of boats and skiers and that's the only place to be this time of year. The North Shore Resort is one of my 8 "home" parks....part of my membership with Colorado River I do stay free. I look forward to coming back here in the winter months....if for some reason I don't go to Mexico one year....perhaps when I'm 90 and have lost a bit of my "adventurous" bug to hug that tiny Baja road.

Soooo....there you have it....a pretty uneventful update.  More from California in between cataract surgery, mammogram, teeth cleaning, getting my Mexican insurance and preparing for the Baja again.  Hope to leave in November....and probably return to Santa Cruz in March.

p.s. a RV got worse....I sit in Victorville at an RV Park Thursday evening. Friday am I have an appointment with an authorized Sprinter dealer to fix it...hopefully....gotta get out of this heat...a heat alert for tomorrow .... 118 degrees. TaZzi and I can't take that!

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