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Bird Lake at the Shay's

August 7, 2009

....And that is all that is needed....when you have friends like Duane and Alice. We had two wonderful memory-making days. I've known Duane since 4th grade and he, Alice, Duane's mama, TaZzi, and I 'kicked it up' at their cottage at Bird Lake, near Hudson, Michigan. We took the pontoon out on an absolutely heavenly evening, ate (too much) at a family-style restaurant, rodded around the lake in the "gator". TaZzi really loved did I!

The next day, we took the gator over to Sherry's Animal Farm. She has an assortment of over 200 animals ranging from llama's to the tiniest kitty (named Velcro). Velcro (unafraid) followed all of us around the huge farm as we fed and had fun with all the beautiful critters. I felt like the patron saint....St. Francis of Assisi for a while.

We also had time to visit with Duane's sister and her husband. Son Scott stopped over and we grabbed deli sandwiches and headed for the opening of the new Firekeepers Casino near Battle Creek. Gambled for a couple hours until my lungs filled with too much smoke and we all left ahead of the game.....but for Duane... sigh!

Duane and Alice for many years have been on Litter Patrol at their peaceful and beautiful lake. They do it for the environment and ... because they are the most wonderful people I know...and because litter exists! Last year there was a full page newspaper article about the details of what they do with lots of pictures. This is their official license plate for Gator.

Meet Priscilla, the duck that's been hanging with Alice and Duane for many years. She and TaZzi got along quite well.....after their initial meeting....Priscilla had to show TaZ who really rules!

TaZzi on the pontoon...just watching the water....she doesn't like to swim, so no chance of her diving off.

Pat and TaZzi take to the out!

Our day at Sherry's Happy Animal Farm

Smile Pretty!


St. Patty of Assisi...... where is MY halo???!!!

And it ends with a horse shot didn't get the actual KISS! It was good!

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