March  2010


Got back from the East Cape just in time for the Super Bowl. Many sports bars, restaurants, hotels, vied for gringo attention of this USA happening. We chose a local restaurant (Marina's) in lieu of the many bigger and better and experienced big screens. It was a good choice.....eventually......at the end of the first quarter, we finally got to watch. We kept telling them it was on NOW and they thought they had the right channel....because it said NFL. It wasn't. It was sexy, skinny girls dancing around. When we finally got the right channel, it was only in Spanish..so they put on the radio announcing with the TV screen....result.....timing was way off. They said they would get it right next time.

They (Marina's son Eduardo).... pictured below....was smiling before the camera got him..... served ribs with all the trimmings and eventually a few more sports enthusiasts showed up. It was mostly just a bunch of us girls and we had stuff to talk about.  The couple above were friends from the RV Park where I stay.  OH, had to watch commercials the next day on line, as we didn't get those either.   Best part..the Saints Went Marching Home!

Then the Olympics happened. Opening ceremony party was held at Brian and Althea's...all were Canadian...but ...... yes..... you guessed it.....ME! Friendly sarcasm was abundant....so was the food and the cake.....Brian shared his birthday with the Olympics.


                                  The Malecon in La Paz

Carnaval was held in La Paz. A high school friend, Joann, was here so we spent a day at Carnaval. Perfect weather and it was quite an experience. Food OK, good drinks, great parade, not as crazy as New Orleans but the food wasn't as good either.....I love that Cajun stuff. We both got to dance in the parade and took lots of pictures.


A girl must have her jewelry....Joann bargaining

'Who's behind that mask!


           Pina Colada Time!

The Parade!  Yea, we got pulled in!
                One of my days was spent 4 wheeling in remote places less traveled with a bunch of old geezers, like me. Great fun! Had a good lunch and lots of fun.  (no pics)

                                                                    One of the Quad Trails

If I continue coming to the Baja for winters, I will definitely get a quad. TaZzi and I have had quading experience in Colorado but I've always been a tag-a-long. One day, TaZ and I went quading with Brian. We took about a 4 hour trip......up, out, through, in, over, under........on roads I had no idea existed. What fun. Brian fixed TaZzi a seat in back of me with a cushion under her and one between the basket and me. We were most comfortable. It's so good to get off the beaten path sometimes.....we did that day. We stopped to see Joann on the quad and she wanted to go, so the next day Brian got to repeat the route with her. Althea joked that he could go into business taking old ladies in to the bush. I think he would make some money.....he knows those roads and many don't. Thanks Brian... and Althea.

Every Sunday at Cerritos Beach in the afternoon, Jazz lovers gather to listen to Daline's sweet soft sounds...We sit outside the restaurant at the tables and chairs on the beach...satisfied and content.....drinking margaritas, filling our bellies.....until the sun begins its descent.....we say our goodbyes and head home..

A last dinner with good friends at Don and Joyce's lovely home. Lots of good communication, laughs, a bit of gossip, Don's special margaritas, home made bread, pork chops and all the trimmings.....and the beautiful sunset seen exquisitely from their deck.  See the table below.

Joann and I didn't want to miss touring the Cultural Center in Todos Santos... so we didn't. Quite informative, then lunch in beautiful Pueblo Magico aka Todos Santos after checking out some of the abundant art galleries and shops and bakeries..yes.....the coconut macaroons were as good as always. Oh, we also took a trip to a Mexican Cemetery.....what an event that was. It looked like a little town with mini casitas ..... very colorful and well planned. I took pictures but most did not turn out.....problem with my camera.

So, it was almost time to return to California. I knew I had to take that Sky Ride (Ultralight) I had so often seen with envy ..... high in the air over the ocean. Of course, Joann, didn't want to miss out. She made me go first....just in case. When I landed joyous, content, excited and ...... alive.......she thought it was safe for her. And it was.

Time was tight...we closed the Olympics by watching the Canadian....USA hockey game .....with lots of Canadians......at the beach....the jazz singer was great. She knew she had way too much competition so she only sang in between breaks. Canadians are so nice; it wasn't difficult to be happy for their big win. Actually .... it wasn't that BIG! We missed it in overtime by one little ole point. In hockey, one point is a lot.

Good byes were said and I am now enroute to California. I've been on the road for 3 days and I'm only a few hundred miles from Pescadero. I keep finding all these wonderful places to stay and running into people I've met here. They are also heading back to the states and to Canada....very slowly. It's best to tackle this road slowly.

I am now in Loreto, a lovely and friendly town of about 15,000. It has all a town needs....according to me. History, culture, fishing, kayaking, plaza, mission church....and a newly restored light house. Loreto's malecon is a great place to stroll... the scenery of the National Marine Park offshore and the Sierra de la Giganta is dramatic to say the least. I checked in yesterday, (Friday) and I may not leave until Monday. I want to watch the Academy Award show on Sunday and there is a place near me with a giant screen.

......to be continued.....stopped blogging on the way back....within 2 days of arriving in Santa Cruz, I fell and  hurt my knee pretty badly (not broken) but a 'bump in my road'......


Janet said...

Wow! You've been all over - what fun! I'm especially jealous of the Skyflight thing - it looks ultra cool. :)

Hope all is well, and if you head SC way, put Greenville in your GPS and visit us. :)

A Day in the Life of a Gypsy said...

Janet....the Sky Ride was so much fun. I do hope to be in S. Carolina within the next few years. If you all are still there, I will definitely visit. The kids are growing so fast. Your mother in law is retiring. Your father in law may get famous. Nice life. I love your blogs. So good to keep in touch.

Aimeepalooza said...

Wow, we are indeed related! I am amazed you found me. I am actually Olga McDavid's Granddaughter (she passed away a few years ago.) My Mother is Peggy.
I called my Mom as soon as I got your message and she knew exactly who you were. She said my Uncle Norm was named after your Father? Yes?
I haven't had the chance to read much of your blog, but I can say we must be similar as my dream is to travel much the way you are doing right now. I am excited to keep reading and so happy you found me!