Post.... 'bump in my road' & 'losses'

April 12, 2010

At the end of my last blog, I wrote I'd had a bump in my road.  It was a little one and in retrospect, a needed one.  Life has its way of slowing us down.  Have you noticed?  So, the bump was actually a fall with a pretty badly bruised knee.  First just a limp.  My sister, isn't tired of me yet, so she says.  Oh, you say, why are you staying with your sister?  You'll find out on!   When in my home, Santa Cruz, I must store Phoebe and live with my sis..

Some of you may remember that even before I bought Phoebe McGee (my RV) I purchased a membership  in a great park in Felton (River Grove Resort) whenever I was in my town of Santa Cruz.  It was such a retreat for me .....a lovely and restful and peaceful place with ripples from the San Lorenzo River and some of the largest, oldest, majestic (families) of redwood trees in California.  I called it my Redwood Forest!  I met so many wonderful people there and have such beautiful memories.  Some pictures below.

Yes, I'm speaking in past tense.  The people I bought it from 4+ years ago have gone bankrupt and it has been sold.  My home has been taken over, has a new name, new owner, been updated.....and if I want to stay there, I must pay $65.00 to $85.00/day.  Needless to say, since I already have  $6,000.00 invested in this lifetime....pass it on to my grandkids ..... membership, I will not be paying that much to stay there.  I've wanted to go see it and meet the new management but....I must heal more before I do that.  It's kind of like loving that man...he leaves.....and you go to meet the new woman.  Heartbreak of the monetary kind.

I'm thinking I have no recourse but haven't pursued any action yet.  I received no written notice, was billed and paid my annual dues 2 months ago and the bankrupted owners kept it.  I am sad beyond words.  This was my (old-age) security when I could no longer travel as I do now.  I have other RV resorts where I can stay for free that I've also invested in, but they are in Palm Springs, Arizona and Sonora, Mexico.  Weather not conducive to summer in California.  So,  as I rework my plans and as that door closed, I know another one will open.  It always does.  The picture to the right is the inside of the cabin I received each year for 2 weeks along with my membership and annual dues.

Since I've been babying my knee and am eating less, I haven't been socializing much.  Have just seen a few friends, had and continue having lots of doctor appointments, spent time with my niece, going through tons of old pictures my Mother left behind when she died.  It's very hard to throw pictures away.  With me having no space in my RV, and my pictures are now all digital, I surely can't carry them around with me.  My sis and I never run out of stuff to talk about and she loves TaZzi almost as much as I do, so she's enjoyed filling in for me with doggie walks.

At the end of June I plan to leisurely travel north to beautiful British Columbia, stopping along the way to see other friends.  Althea and Brian, my Baja neighbors are meeting me in Vancouver; we will see a few sights and camp along the way to their home in Powell River.  I will buy a ferry pass for my travels in B.C. and am really looking forward to my most extended stay there.  To present I've only had cursory visits. I'll return to Santa Cruz sometime in September and figure out then whether I will again spend my winter in the Baja.  I will pay attention to the safety-factor at the borders and then decide.

til next time y''s the gypsy! saying hasta luego, ja mata nee, arrivederci, chio  and all that jazz!

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