In my head.....

September 6, 2010

I'm having to keep my wonderful time in British Columbia, Washington, and Oregon in my head.  My computer stopped, am getting a new one, will transfer my pictures to my new one and then I will unplug my mind .... and write. .

I'm back in Santa Cruz and on my sis' computer and finally ... in the fall .... there is a bit of summer.  It is quite beautiful this Labor Day.  Happy Labor Day everyone.

This winter I thought of not going to the Baja for the winter and have changed my mind.  For a few months, I was contemplating a trip to Turkey with some friends but have changed my mind.

The pictures below are from the CD of the Fraser River Rafting Expedition I did just before I left BC.  It was so much fun and I'm looking for my next rapids,.

I'm 2nd from the got my back.
See you all soon.....gypsymama

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