To Hell and Back

 August 21, 2010

My friend, Helen, my dog, TaZzi, and I had visited with friends at Boston Bar the day before we went to Hell.  We journeyed along the Mighty Fraser River and crossed the gorge in the gondola you see in the pictures below.  Hell's Gate is rumored to be nature at it's most magnificent.  It is not just rumor.  I found out this day and the next.  You will find out why in my next blog.

It was TaZzi's 5th birthday and I was happy she was allowed to go.  She was a bit skeptical of the gondola.  It was very crowded.  So was the other side.  She didn't lighten up until she got her birthday present.  A cone of vanilla ice cream.  All the kids and some of the adults wanted to hold it for her to lick.  I guess because it was so cute.  She was so mannerly

After a refreshingly fabulous day of beauty, great food, and incredible memories, we headed for Hope River RV Park.

Parked by our RV was also this BC Railway Car...a nice touch.
Our yard....and no one was there so we had it all to ourselves; but for another couple.  We shared wine and appetizer's with them.
TaZzi loved the really was her special day!

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